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2003 Fall Classes Schedule
      Register begins at the Arts Center, 700 SW Madison Ave, Corvallis, September 11, 2003. You can come in to register in the office M-F, 9-5, or Sat. 12-5; or register by phone, 754-1551, with a VISA or MC. Members receive a 10% discount. Class notification occurs only if the class is cancelled due to low enrollment. Our cancellation policy: A $10 non-refundable charge is withheld from class fees if you cancel between the pre-registration deadline and the end of the 1st class. Pre-registration deadline is 4 days prior to any given class. Decisions about withdrawal must be made no later than the conclusion of the first class session in order to receive a prorated refund of fees. The Corvallis Arts Center does not discriminate in practice or policy according to race, gender, age, or religion. Partial scholarships are available: call 754-1551. (NO CLASSES THANKSGIVING)

     The fall term is the first phase of ArtCentric's transition into a Youth
Arts Academy where we plan to introduce consistent, sequential art
instruction for youth that can build a foundation for a lifetime of arts
experiences and can assist in the process of how children learn. We are
establishing a core group of art teachers for this goal.




Preschool Classes

1 Early Art Experience:
Ages 3-6, 6 Tuesdays, Sept. 30-November 4, 1-2:00pm. Little hands are welcome to experience an introduction to watercolors, collage, maskmaking, dough art. (New projects) Instructor: Candace Helm
Cost: $45

2 Warm Fuzzies:
Ages 3-6, 6 Wednesdays, Oct. 1-Nov. 5, 10-10:45am. A fabulous focus on shapes and textures that are the building blocks for learning to draw. Creative exploration of a different shape and texture each class.
Instructor: Kerry McFall
Cost: $42

3 Traditional Clay Handbuilding:
Ages 4-6, 4 Wednesdays, Oct. 29-Nov. 19, 4:30-5:30pm. Children will create many clay pots using traditional handbuilding methods from Africa, Japan and the American Southwest.
Instructor: David Harrow
Cost: $36

4 Squiggles & Giggles:
Ages 3-6, 9 Thursdays, October 2-Dec. 4,
NO CLASS THANKSGIVING, 10:30-11:30am. Explore & experience art and music through fun art activities and hands-on interactions. Be sure to dress for mess!
Instructor: Megan Oldenstadt
Cost: $40

5 (A) Pots for Tots:
Ages 3-6, 4 Fridays, October 3-24, 12-1:00pm, Try your hand at throwing the mud! It's creative and fun making cool things from clay to take home. Parents are welcome!
Instructor: Keith Moses
Cost: $38

5 (B) Pots for Tots:
Ages 3-6, Saturday, November 1-22, 12-1:00pm. (See above for description)
Instructor: Keith Moses
Cost: $38

6 Creative Dance:
Ages 3-5, 9 Saturdays, October 4-December 6, 9-9:45am. NO CLASS Nov. 29. Movement and play based on ballet, jazz, tumbling, and tap dance techniques.
Instructor: Lissa Perrone
Cost: $68

KEITH MOSES, Instructor

7 Wild Thing Sculpture:
Ages 6-13, 4 Mondays, September 29-Oct. 20, 3:30-5:00pm. Design and build a paper and wire sculpture with clay eyes, teeth, and nails.
Cost: $40

8 Fire & Clay for Two:
Ages 4 and up, 2 Saturdays, October 11 & 18, 10-11:30am. Spend 2 mornings creating, glazing, and firing beautiful handbuilt clay pieces. A great way for a couple, 2 teens or a parent and child to learn this traditional Japanese art of Raku. Under age 10 must be accompanied by an adult.
Cost: $40

9 Family Heirloom Bowls:
Ages 3 and up, 1 Wednesday evening, Nov. 12, 6-7:30pm. Your family can spend an evening handbuilding a family serving bowl and several individual bowls. *Note: Keith will be glazing the bowls.
Cost: $12/person

10 (A) Mud with Moses:
Ages 6-13, 6 Tuesdays, September 30-Nov. 4, 3:30-5:00pm. Learn handbuilding techniques and use the potter's wheel to make beautiful ceramic wares. All levels welcome.
Cost: $65

10 (B) Mud with Moses:
Ages 6-13, 6 Thursdays, October 2-Nov. 6, 3:30-5:00pm. Learn handbuilding techniques and use the potter's wheel to make beautiful ceramic wares. All levels welcome.
Cost: $65


BARB LEVINE, Instructor

Please bring a spiral bound 9x12 sketchbook for drawing and planning to any of Barb's classes.

11 Animals! Animals! Animals!:
Ages 7-14, 7 Tuesdays, September 30-Nov. 11, 4-5:30pm. Draw, paint, and model your favorite creatures. Explore several artistic styles and techniques while learning about art from around the world.
Cost: $45

12 Beginning Painting:
Ages 6-9, 7 Thursdays, October 2-November 13, 4-5:30pm. Learn the basics of painting from brushstrokes to color harmony using tempera and watercolor.
Cost: $45

13 Beginning Design:
Ages 6-9, 7 Fridays, October 3-November 14, 4-5:30pm. Design is the selection and arrangement of visual elements to create harmony and to communicate ideas. Explore basic concepts through drawing, painting and collage.
Cost: $45

MARK ALLISON, Instructor
14 Color & Design: Fundamentals of all the visual arts
Ages 9-13, 8 Fridays, October 3-November 21, 6-8:00pm. An exciting and enjoyable exploration of line, shape, value, color, texture, rhythm, direction and the principles of unity, contrast, harmony, variety and more. No 'talent' is necessary, only curiosity and interest.
Cost: $64 + Materials: $17 TOTAL: $81

15 Beginning Painting: How to see & paint the colors & shapes of nature
Ages 9-13, 8 Saturdays, October 4-November 22, 10-12:00pm. Using still life setups with directional lighting, and also working from landscape and self portrait photos, learn how to see the shapes of nature and accurately mix and paint their colors. A very rewarding class.
Cost: $64 + Materials: $17 TOTAL: $81

16 Drawing & Design: Seeing the world as shapes
Ages 9-13, 8 Wednesdays, October 22-Dec. 10, 5:30-7:30pm. Learn techniques for seeing the way artists see. This makes drawing EASY. This class is for those who want to learn how to draw, but may feel they have no 'talent' or experience. Take this class and be surprised!
Cost: $64 + Materials: $2 TOTAL: $66


Additional Classes:

17 PAINT!:
Ages 8-14, 8 Mondays, Sept. 29-November 17, 4-5:30pm. Learn the basics of painting using tempera, watercolor, and watercolor pencils.
Instructor: Karen Wilk
Cost: $60

18 Puzzle Boxes:
Ages 8 and up, 3 Wednesdays, October 1-15, 3:30-5:30pm. Make intricately designed decorative boxes from colorful papers, using scoring/cutting tools & special punches and your own imagination to create geometrical boxes that fit together like puzzles.
Instructor: Jeanne Heywood
Cost: $18 - Adult partners welcome for $7

19 Miniature House Boxes:
Ages 8 & up, 3 Saturdays, October 25-Nov. 8, 1-3:00pm. Or 3 Wednesdays, Oct. 22-Nov. 5, 3:30-5:30pm. Created from colorful fine papers these little houses can be used for display, as containers or for gift boxes.
Instructor: Jeanne Heywood
Cost: $18 - Adult partners welcome for $7

20 Christmas Ornament Boxes:
Ages 8 & up, 3 Saturdays, November 15-29,
1-3:00pm. Or 3 Wednesdays, Nov. 19-Dec. 3, 3:30-5:30pm. Unique boxes for ornaments or gifts. Take home templates & papers for more.
Instructor: Jeanne Heywood
Cost: $18 - Adult partners welcome for $7

31 ArtCentric Young Readers Theatre Troupe
Ages 8-12, 11 Fridays, Sept. 19-Dec. 12, 4-5:00pm.This class is a new opportunity for youth to participate in a Reader’s Theatre. Students will perform at outreach performances under the direction of Jean Bonifas. Jean is a resident teacher in ArtCentric’s Arts-in-Education program and has served as a director of ArtCentric’s Readers Theatre program. Cost: $110


NANCY TRAINA, Instructor

21 Advanced Beginning Tap:
Age 7-10, 11 Tuesdays, September 23-Dec. 9, 3:30-4:15pm.
Cost: $82
22 Boys Intermediate Tap 3:
Ages 10-15, 11 Tuesdays, September 23-Dec.9, 4:30-5:25pm.
Cost: $93
23 Adult/Teen Beginning Tap:
Ages: Teen/adult, 11 Tuesdays, Sept. 23-Dec. 9, 6-6:55pm.
Cost: $93
24 Adult/Teen Int-Adv Technique:
Ages: Teen/adult, 11 Tuesdays, Sept. 23-Dec.9, 7-7:55pm.
Cost: $93

25 Senior Citizen Tap:
9 Wednesdays, September 24-November 19, 10:30-11:30am.
Cost: $60

26 Intermediate 3 Tap:
Age: 10-13, 11 Wednesdays, Sept. 24-Dec. 10, 4-4:55pm.
Cost: $93

27 Adult/Teen Beginning Intermediate Technique:
Ages: Teen/adult, 11 Wednesdays, September 24-December 10, 5-5:55pm.
Cost: $93



BETH BUTLER Instructor
28 Beginning Tap:
Ages 6-7, 10 Saturdays, October 4-December 6, 10-10:30am.
Cost: $55

29 Intermediate Tap:
Ages: Adults, 10 Wednesdays, October 1-Dec. 10, 6-7:00pm. NO CLASS THANKSGIVING WEEK. Fast paced tap with jazz movements & rhythm
Cost: $75

30 Contemporary Tap:
Ages: teen/adult, 10 Thursdays, September 25-December 4, 5:45-6:45pm. NO CLASS THANKSGIVING.
Intermediate and advanced students will enjoy this variety of contemporary tap dance techniques, such as stomp, rap-tap, and jazz movements set to current music.
Cost: $75

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