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LBAC Programs- Arts Reaching Youth at Risk
A Children's Farm Home Project

led by
Kerry McFall

     By profession, Kerry is a technical writer, editor, and freelance
writer. She also does graphics and web page designs. She also has over 8 years of experience in elementary classrooms as a volunteer art teacher. Her love is quilting; she enjoys sharing the warmth of colors and the history of this art form with new generations.
The Program:
    Students designed and created a wall-hanging suitable for display. They learned about fiber, textiles, sewing techniques, and design elements. The each were also able to create individual self-contained projects such as hand-stitched cloth bags, appliqued wind socks, woven picture frames, or small pillows.
1. Learn to use at least one technique for creating textile art.
2. Experience the tactile satisfaction of working with fabric and
3. Exposure to the history of quilts
4. Learn how an overall composition is made up of integral parts
5. Learn the importance of color, contrast and texture in creating a
work of art
6. Become an important part of a unique group effort
7. Learn the use of a variety of materials, techniques, tools and
processes (fabric, paper, sewing, weaving, patchwork, applique, also
hand stitching and using a sewing machine)
8. Allow for students to develop the social skill of conversation as
a part of the historical purpose of a quilting bee
Success Stories:

     A young woman who had been severely depressed, toward the end of one session of hand stitching, announced "I'm not depressed anymore," in a startled but pleased voice to no one in particular. Even on a simple level, she faced the value of creative endeavor as therapy, and realized that she now could use sewing and/or art as a tool to help her cope.

     During one of the final quilting bee sessions, there was a group gathered around the table absorbed in the art of quilting-onversation. It meandered from computer games, through U.S. history, to the possibility of a female president, and culminated in a spontaneous group rendition of the American classic song, This Land Is Your Land. They sang until no one could remember any more verses.

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